Allbrown Universal Components Ltd have been designing and supplying VIV suppression systems based on strakes and other means for over 30 years.

The Allbrown Vortex Shedding Suppression Strake System is designed to protect risers, conductors, caissons and other tubular structures from the resonance and consequent fatigue brought about by vortex shedding.

On this site you will find a brief explanatory note on the phenomena associated with vortex shedding, a description of the function of the Allbrown Strake System, construction and attachment options, configurations, and track record installations.

The new VIV Suppressor

The Ventilated Trouser

“Breaking news -- new tests show reduction of VIV by 97% throughout the current range”

  • 90% reduction in VIV
  • Eliminates high frequency vibrations
  • Negative lift coefficient
  • No additional drag
  • Simple and rapid to deploy

The Ventilated Trouser (VT) suppressor is a patented VIV suppression device for cylindrical structures exposed to external fluid flow. It is a loose fitting sleeve (or trouser) in the form of a light flexible net with integral bobbins in a special arrangement. Extensive tests in UK and France up to a Reynolds Number of 4.5E5 confirms it can simultaneously minimise VIV response, eliminate high frequencies and reduce drag. Read more