About us

On this site you will find descriptions of the vortex shedding phenomena, why VIV can cause operational delays and downtime and even more importantly, how we can engineer its suppression.

Allbrown Universal Components Ltd have been designing and supplying Vortex Shedding Suppression systems since 1979. As first in the field using non-metallic strakes, we have continued to develop improvements in performance and to attachment methodology.

Allbrown exists to serve the offshore oil and gas industries by utilising its expertise in processing coupled with a pragmatic approach to innovation. This has enabled us to develop and deliver engineered solutions to the problems of vortex induced vibration (VIV) experienced by drilling risers in ocean currents: problems such as loss of productive rig time and fatigue issues.

Allbrown has technical teams for attachment and training onshore & offshore for the fitting of our systems and for technology transfer enabling clients to carry out their own deployment and retrieval operations.

The latest development is the Ventilated Trouser VIV Suppressor (VT) which, when applied to a typical deepwater drilling spread in the Gulf of Mexico would pay for itself in under two days, by allowing productive drilling to continue in the most adverse conditions such as LOOP events. Details and videos of the extensive testing of the VT for a number of applications at full scale are shown, together with a detailed list of successful installations of strakes and the Ventilated Trouser VIV Suppressor.

The VT is establishing a track record with applications for Shell International for a delicate operation in the North Sea, a completion riser in high current in Trinidad for BHP Billiton and an application for enveloping and control of an umbilical bundle also in Trinidad.